Last year we found ourselves in Paros for the wedding of Hillary and Paul. Although summer was actually near its end, still the weather did us the great favour and gave us an excellent sunny day. But even if the weather is good, the thing that counts the most is the mood of all those people who have the honor of being a part of the wedding, and we can tell you for sure, that this mood was equal to the excellent weather. From the previous day, the spirits were up and continued to be during the wedding day, and even the next, when the filming continued between storms for the creation of a seperate concept video, about which we will say more (probably) in the future. For now, we give you the official trailer of Hillary and Paul, a couple that by being totally stress-free, made us feel extremely comfortable being next to them and made us try for our best.
Another truth of course is that a big part of the wedding’s (and every wedding’s) success, has to do with proper organizing and we can say with full sincerity that Mimmika Liakou (( ) which was responsible for lots of difficult tasks, showed how it is to work with a real wedding planner.